Using Lumpy Mail Marketing to Get Your Small Business Noticed

Are you using direct mail marketing in your business? Postcards or sales letters are the most common ways most small businesses use direct mail to market their business. Whether you are using direct mail currently or not, you might want to look at using Lumpy mail otherwise called dimensional mail to step up your marketing efforts to stand out from the crowd and get you mail opened by your prospects.

Any more, people get so much junk mail on a daily basis that both consumers and businesses open their mail over the trash can and toss the stuff that they don’t think is relevant or wanted by them. You don’t want to waste you hard earned marketing dollars by not even getting your mail opened.

Lumpy mail is a great way to help you get your mail noticed and opened right away. People can’t resist opening a package or envelope that has something thick and mysterious inside. It’s just like Christmas or a Birthday present. The most exciting part is the anticipation of trying to figure out what’s inside!

If you want to guarantee that your marketing mailer gets opened and makes an impart on your prospect, you need to be creative and use Lumpy Mail to get their attention.

So let’s talk a bit about what exactly Lumpy Mail is. Lumpy Mail is a package or envelope that has an additional object that makes the package, well exactly like the name implies, lumpy. It isn’t plain and boring like 95% of all the other mail that people see on a daily basis. Just by the lone fact that there is something Lumpy in an envelope will increase the chances of it being opened up by the recipient.

Here’s a couple of ideas of what you could do with your own business to use Lumpy Mail to get more attention and almost guarantee that your mailer gets opened up right away!

Look for simple yet attention grabbing items that you can include with your package.

A 9 x 12 envelope coming in the mail with something “lumpy” in it will stick out from everything else in the stack very easily.

Try including a toy airplane if you’re in the travel industry.

How about a sample pack of band-aids for someone in the health industry? You can even use band-aids in other industries too. I’ve seen people attach band-aids to their packages with a message of “I know your pain and we can help”. This works great in the Computer Industry too!

What about the classic box of candies? Everyone loves free food and candies or chocolates work great too.

If you are promoting a special event like a seminar or conference, you could mail a nice calendar with the dates of your event already circled so they not only get the impact of your message but also have something that they can use all year.

Lumpy mail is anything that you mail directly to a prospect or client that will stand out from everything else in a stack of mail and that they will be curious about opening. As you can see from the examples above, you just need to be creative. The creativity that goes in to your mailer will make it more interesting and increase the chances that your mailer will be opened. As with any marketing idea you use in your marketing mix, be creative and stand out from the crowd. Make a lasting impression on your prospects and you’ll see a much higher return on your advertising dollar.

Email Marketing Tools – 5 Must Have Techniques

Building a list is all well and good but if you don’t have the attention of your list you might as well not bother. It’s vital that the content your mailing builds trust and provides quality information from day one. There are many different email marketing tools you can use but successful email marketing is built around having the trust and attention of your list.

Providing entertainment to your list can be a great method to gain and hold their attention. YouTube is a great resource where you can find plenty of entertaining videos that could be of interest to your subscribers. Simply attach the link to an email in your autoresponder sequence explaining what the videos about and tell your subscribers to check it out.

Email marketing can be a lucrative business if approached correctly but if performed incorrectly can prove to be an expensive exercise. I’m going to share with you the email marketing tools that I find help gain the attention of my list.

5 Must Have Email Marketing Tools

1. Include audio or video in your autoresponder emails – This can be a great way to get your autoresponder emails started. Simply attach a link in your autoresponder email and direct subscribers to click on the link. This will then take them to either a brief video or audio that provides an introduction with a bit of background about yourself. Allowing your list to be able to see you or hear your voice promotes trust and confidence.

2. Recommend books to read – People love it when you can recommend a great book you’ve read. Provide a brief explanation of the book and attach a link where your subscribers can purchase. I usually provide a story that I found interesting from the book and explain this in the email.

3. Text across the page should be no more that 50 characters long – If your on the list of any of the top internet marketers, one thing you’ll find they all have in common is the structure of their emails. They rarely exceed more than 50 characters across the page. The easiest way to measure this is type “0123456789″ and paste this 5 times across the page.

4. Provide stories throughout your content – People always love a good story. If you can communicate to your list on a level they can relate to this goes a long way in building trust.

5. Make money when people unsubscribe – Your autoresponder will automatically direct unsubscribers to a confirmation page that informs them they have successfully unsubscribed. Most autoresponders allow you to change the destination page of the unsubscribe link and direct them to a page of your choice. You can set up your own site providing some last minute information, attach Google AdSense to the page and earn an income from your unsubscribers.

Things You Need to Know About Email Marketing

Electronic mail marketing or Email marketing for short is the usage of email to promote and endorse your business activities through emailing interested customers about the products or services that you selling. One of the significant characteristics to endorse a business is the marketing and advertising. Email marketing can be done through a direct promotional email to potential customers to easily convince them to purchase the goods or services that you are selling on a first time. Thus, it can be designed to help build a strong relationship with customers and promote loyalty by using coupons or freebies.

Email marketing is somehow the same with direct advertisements, catalogues and print newsletters sent to you via snail mail. It is similar when you are taking an advertisement from a newspaper or magazine. On the other, there may be some who do not want to receive mails, which they think, are unsolicited. These unsolicited emails are viewed as ‘spam’ mails. When your company is reported as sending ‘spam’ mails to people, then you could lose your access to your account and most probably your web site will be shut down. In some countries, you could be actually being considered as a criminal. That is why there is a need for you to know your potential and interested customers, and ask permission to them before sending emails. This can be easily done by just adding checkbox to your web site and let your customers checked it if they want future mailings.

Email marketing has been increasingly used as a method of communication. It is cheaper than any other forms marketing style. Thus, it allows you to directly access and communicate with your customers rather than the customers run after you. When it is done properly, it can be a successful method for you to market your business. You just need to make it straight to the point and very detailed to attract more customers to read and respond to it. Once your customers respond to it, take advantage of the information they have given to you and analyze it. Make sure that before you send the information to them, your address lists are permission based.

There are three types of email marketing: direct email, retention email and advertising in other people’s emails.

Direct emails are emails that have promotional messages that encourage the potential customers to purchase emails by visiting your web sites. These include coupon, freebies and other promotional item that may attract more customers. These promotional items are sent to the list of customers that are legally collected from another company that you are partners with.

Retention emails are emails that are sent to existing customers to retain them as customers. They take in the form of newsletters, advertisements, and other promotional items. It should be more or less entertaining since the content of the emails are sales messages.

Advertising in other people’s emails is a method of piggybacking. This works by paying others to work as your partner company to attach your advertisements in their emails and send to their subscribers. There are places that allow you to so this for free such as email newsletters.