Using Lumpy Mail Marketing to Get Your Small Business Noticed

Are you using direct mail marketing in your business? Postcards or sales letters are the most common ways most small businesses use direct mail to market their business. Whether you are using direct mail currently or not, you might want to look at using Lumpy mail otherwise called dimensional mail to step up your marketing efforts to stand out from the crowd and get you mail opened by your prospects.

Any more, people get so much junk mail on a daily basis that both consumers and businesses open their mail over the trash can and toss the stuff that they don’t think is relevant or wanted by them. You don’t want to waste you hard earned marketing dollars by not even getting your mail opened.

Lumpy mail is a great way to help you get your mail noticed and opened right away. People can’t resist opening a package or envelope that has something thick and mysterious inside. It’s just like Christmas or a Birthday present. The most exciting part is the anticipation of trying to figure out what’s inside!

If you want to guarantee that your marketing mailer gets opened and makes an impart on your prospect, you need to be creative and use Lumpy Mail to get their attention.

So let’s talk a bit about what exactly Lumpy Mail is. Lumpy Mail is a package or envelope that has an additional object that makes the package, well exactly like the name implies, lumpy. It isn’t plain and boring like 95% of all the other mail that people see on a daily basis. Just by the lone fact that there is something Lumpy in an envelope will increase the chances of it being opened up by the recipient.

Here’s a couple of ideas of what you could do with your own business to use Lumpy Mail to get more attention and almost guarantee that your mailer gets opened up right away!

Look for simple yet attention grabbing items that you can include with your package.

A 9 x 12 envelope coming in the mail with something “lumpy” in it will stick out from everything else in the stack very easily.

Try including a toy airplane if you’re in the travel industry.

How about a sample pack of band-aids for someone in the health industry? You can even use band-aids in other industries too. I’ve seen people attach band-aids to their packages with a message of “I know your pain and we can help”. This works great in the Computer Industry too!

What about the classic box of candies? Everyone loves free food and candies or chocolates work great too.

If you are promoting a special event like a seminar or conference, you could mail a nice calendar with the dates of your event already circled so they not only get the impact of your message but also have something that they can use all year.

Lumpy mail is anything that you mail directly to a prospect or client that will stand out from everything else in a stack of mail and that they will be curious about opening. As you can see from the examples above, you just need to be creative. The creativity that goes in to your mailer will make it more interesting and increase the chances that your mailer will be opened. As with any marketing idea you use in your marketing mix, be creative and stand out from the crowd. Make a lasting impression on your prospects and you’ll see a much higher return on your advertising dollar.

How Do I Become an Internet Marketer and Quit My Job?

This question is a question that I hear a lot of. How do I become an Internet Marketer is this; you must mentally and truly deep down within, know for sure that you believe this is the path for you. Having your own business is the key to your success. Working for some one else is not going to benefit you in any way in the long run.

After you get your mind focused, then you need to find an internet business that you love to do. Doing something that you enjoy is half the battle. Once you find the business, then you need to do extensive research on the business at hand. Find out what their marketing tactics are, go online to the better business bureau and make sure they don’t have any unresolved claims. Make sure you are going to be willing to put your name behind this company.

To become an Internet Marketer and successful in your business you must have a system that does all sifting, sorting, telling, and selling for you. Everyone can’t sell and nobody likes to sell. The company has to be that of the Direct Sales industry. Direct Sales businesses have higher ticket products but it puts you into profits quicker. Remember, this is your business, the quicker you can grow your business the quicker you can quit your job.

The training in your business has to be step by step. So many people get into marketing as a novice and within months are marketing like seasoned vets because of the step by step training. This is something else your research must include. There are some business opportunities that will let you view their business before becoming totally committed. If the business won’t let you do this, maybe they have something to hide.

To become an Internet Marketer and have the skills to do so is all in the research. If you find a system that already has the results you are looking for, being successful is almost impossible not to have. All you have to do is plug into the system, get all the training that is provided, get massive amounts of traffic to your opportunity, let the coaches close your sales, and you are on your way to quitting your job.

Why Direct Response Marketing Wins The Gold Medal

There are 2 forms of marketing in today’s day and age. On one hand you have brand marketing, and on the other hand you have direct response marketing. The one that I choose to use is direct response marketing because the response is fast and swift. You’ll know immediately if your ad worked or not, and you can be able to make changes on the fly to tailor your ad to the marketplace.

If you’re attempting to use brand marketing to market your business, then I think you should reconsider this. Leave brand marketing to the companies who have millions of dollars to spend on advertising. If your adverting budget is less than $10k, I think you should focus solely on direct response marketing.

Many business owners feel that direct marketing is a “mad man’s” way of marketing their products and services. And also, some business owners feel that direct response is a learning curve that they’re not ready to pursue. Unfortunately however, these business owners are losing (and wasting) thousands of dollars on advertising costs and expenses.

The business owners who accept and use direct response marketing, are the business owners who will find that they should have been doing this for the longest time — simply because it is so profitable. Why some business owners don’t want to make the transition to direct response is beyond my mind’s most infinite intuition. But if you can be smart and heed to my advice, you will definitely find your business staying in the profit zone.

One of the best reasons why I like direct response is because it’s trackable and measurable. If I ran a full page ad with nothing but a picture on it and the name of a company at the bottom of the ad, I would have no idea of whether or not the ad was a success. But if I ran a full page direct response ad, I would know whether or not (immediately) whether the ad is working due to the responses that I would have gotten from it.

Don’t run ads promoting your business name. Instead, focus on your prospects most delicate feelings, and appeal to their wants and needs. You sell something for a reason, and that reason is because your ideal prospects have a problem that needs to be solved. So it’s best to lead with your best foot first, and to start off your ad with a headline that gets their attention.

Make sure you make your contact information clearly visible in your ad. If you have a website, include it also. And if you have a fax number and email address, include these items also. You want to make it easy for your prospects to respond back to you in a very simple way.

If you can choose to use direct marketing instead of traditional brand marketing, you will find that the response between the 2 are so vast that it’s clearly better to do direct response alone. Leave the ineffective stuff alone, and only stick with winners.

Good luck with trying direct response marketing in your business today.