Effects of Time Freedom on Network Marketing Entrepreneurs

Some of you who spend a fair amount of time investing in personal development may have read the excellent book by Timothy Ferriss titled: The 4-Hour Work Week. You certainly have guessed it, the book has a time freedom flavor to it.

I do not always achieve a 4 hour work week in my current business however it has happened and with my strategy, it will happen again and again. While a 4 hour work week is not consistent, a 4 hour work day is most certainly common which I could even qualify of being a strenuous day.

Being “your own boss” as they say, is obviously one of the reasons many seek to branch off from the employment world to become a home based business entrepreneur. While I did not work 4 hour days when I initially started my business over 4 years ago, I still had a powerful feeling of time freedom because 4 months into my business I left the employment world and became “my own boss”. From that point on, I designed my schedule and it started having a compounding effect on me. The wave of freedom that I experienced had such a soothing effect that it aligned me with my objectives. It’s as if the very fact of taking the first step of entrepreneurship released me from the wrong path I was on and made me feel all of a sudden as “in sync” with the new direction I was taking. As if that’s where I was supposed to go.

It’s almost like the uneasy feeling I had in my employee role was an indication that I wasn’t heading in the right direction and the desire to become a home business entrepreneur was a road sign pointing me where I was supposed to go. The very thought of having my own business and designing my own schedule was giving me warm and fuzzy feelings which in retrospect was telling me it was the right choice to make.

As I engaged in this new direction, there was that realization of being in the “right” place, aligned, in sync. Coupled to that, there is more enjoyment in everything. It seems like everything around you is more vibrant, beautiful and alive. Your level of enjoyment increases, your stress decreases, the things that used to inconvenience you don’t seem to be a bother anymore. Your time freedom is not only something that was once an objective, it’s also what maintains you in that perfect spot on the surfing wave. Time freedom is like being in the zone!

So ask yourself what direction you’re in right now and do you “feel” it’s the right one? If you already have a warm & fuzzy feeling about where you are right now, it probably means you are on the right course, a change of direction may not be needed. If you’re feeling uneasy about your current path, then you might not be on the right tracks and may be inclined to consider if a change of direction would be in order.

But if you are so inclined, what direction to take? It’s not as hard as it may seem. Just follow your heart and feel your way to the right path. This is where letting yourself dream and dream big will pay off. By day dreaming, you will ponder scenarios that will either give you a negative feeling or a positive feeling. The positive feeling shows you that you are attracted naturally to what you ponder upon and this may be the thread you want to follow.