Email Marketing Tools – 5 Must Have Techniques

Building a list is all well and good but if you don’t have the attention of your list you might as well not bother. It’s vital that the content your mailing builds trust and provides quality information from day one. There are many different email marketing tools you can use but successful email marketing is built around having the trust and attention of your list.

Providing entertainment to your list can be a great method to gain and hold their attention. YouTube is a great resource where you can find plenty of entertaining videos that could be of interest to your subscribers. Simply attach the link to an email in your autoresponder sequence explaining what the videos about and tell your subscribers to check it out.

Email marketing can be a lucrative business if approached correctly but if performed incorrectly can prove to be an expensive exercise. I’m going to share with you the email marketing tools that I find help gain the attention of my list.

5 Must Have Email Marketing Tools

1. Include audio or video in your autoresponder emails – This can be a great way to get your autoresponder emails started. Simply attach a link in your autoresponder email and direct subscribers to click on the link. This will then take them to either a brief video or audio that provides an introduction with a bit of background about yourself. Allowing your list to be able to see you or hear your voice promotes trust and confidence.

2. Recommend books to read – People love it when you can recommend a great book you’ve read. Provide a brief explanation of the book and attach a link where your subscribers can purchase. I usually provide a story that I found interesting from the book and explain this in the email.

3. Text across the page should be no more that 50 characters long – If your on the list of any of the top internet marketers, one thing you’ll find they all have in common is the structure of their emails. They rarely exceed more than 50 characters across the page. The easiest way to measure this is type “0123456789″ and paste this 5 times across the page.

4. Provide stories throughout your content – People always love a good story. If you can communicate to your list on a level they can relate to this goes a long way in building trust.

5. Make money when people unsubscribe – Your autoresponder will automatically direct unsubscribers to a confirmation page that informs them they have successfully unsubscribed. Most autoresponders allow you to change the destination page of the unsubscribe link and direct them to a page of your choice. You can set up your own site providing some last minute information, attach Google AdSense to the page and earn an income from your unsubscribers.