MLM Vs Top Tier Direct Sales Marketing

MLM businesses are a dime a dozen in today’s highly competitive world. Many MLM business owners are struggling to find new reps to sign up for a number of reasons. On the other hand are top tier direct sales marketing businesses, where a onetime payment is made rather than long term residual incomes. Which is the better option? For many who are facing the struggles of the MLM market, top tier direct sales are a better option.

MLM Difficulties

In MLM, business owners must get signs ups under them, who will also get signs ups, and so on. This type of business scheme does work, but with the increasing awareness that people have, and the ability they have to gather any information they need and want, it has been hard to get those sign ups. In addition, many are faced with rising costs for advertising, the inexpensive email marketing campaigns are not effective, and people sign up and leave quickly. The MLM industry is not as appealing to the white collar business professional.

Top Tier Difference

With top tier direct sales, it is far easier to get a year’s worth of residuals in one day. Rather than having to watch sign ups and distributors come and go, and earn only small checks for the small amount of time they stayed out, many have found a different mode of making money. Top tier direct sales are called this because of the higher caliber of people that this model attractions over traditional MLM opportunities. Under this program, a product or service is rated at a higher level and the payout to the business owner is much more substantial. There are no residual incomes here, but the sizable payment received as commission for the sale is much higher than what most MLM business owners receive from a year’s worth of residuals.

Making Top Tier Direct Sales Marketing Work

One of the best ways to put top tier direct sales marketing to work is to use attraction marketing, the method of creating a brand for yourself that draws people to you and therefore leads to their investment in your business. There are many methods to creating attraction marketing, all of which are highly affordable, rather easy to use and highly successful.

This includes:

o Producing videos
o Article writing techniques
o Using blogging services
o Attracting leads through brand recognition
o Social networking

By creating a web presence for yourself, you allow for more people interested in your business to find you, to learn about you and to trust in you. Personal branding is all about developing the recognition of those around you. In top tier direct sales marketing, this can help you to reach that top tier of business professionals who are most likely to respond to you and most likely to invest in your business.

Attraction marketing can be highly effective with top tier direct sales marketing. For those still considering MLM businesses, keep in mind that you can use attraction marketing here, but because of the fast turnaround in the industry, you may have to spend a lot more time re-branding yourself.