Direct Sales vs. Network Marketing

A direct sales company is very similar to a network marketing company in that you are still working as an “Independent Associate” for a larger company. With direct sales however, you are not required to develop a “downline” or recruit other members. All you really have to do to make any money is sell whatever the product or service is that the company offers. It’s really no different that being one of those Avon ladies. Or selling cars. Or selling real estate.

Yes, the company will likely encourage you to recruit other associates and there are two reasons for this. One, it provides the comapny with more sales people, giving them greater exposure and making more money. Two, they will pay you better if you recruit other associates and YOU will make more money.

Once again, like network marketing, there is a system already in place for you to duplicate. This is why direct sales organizations and network marketing companies are so appealing. You don’t have to do any of the trial and error stuff to get your business going. It’s already been done for you. All you have to do is follow the system in place and you are on your way to making money.

A legitimate direct sales organization will tell you up front that you might not even make any money whatsoever. Should that put you off? No. It shows integrity in their business. They understand that some people will not follow the system, try to change the system, or simply quit the system. They also understand that some people will make money faster than others because some people will have a shorter learning curve than others.

There are numerous other reasons direct sales is more appealing than direct marekting, but we’ll get into that in more deatil later. But there are numerous other similarities and understanding them will assist you in figuring out which is better for you. Or if you should look for another opportunity altogether.

Building Lists in Network Marketing

We all read about “list building,” yet no one ever seems to give step by step directions on how to build this list.

I’d like to offer suggestions on how to build several different lists for your network marketing business.

The first list I suggest you build is a customer list. Customers are the lifeline of any business. You can send customers information once a month or even once a quarter. Consider creating a customer newsletter. You can include new product information, sales item information and even information on existing products. Your customer list can include those who have ordered in the past and also those who have expressed an interest in your products but have not yet ordered.

The next list I suggest you build is a business lead list. This list should include anyone who has ever requested information about your business. I’m very careful on the amount of information I send out to these people. There are two options with this list. You can enter the names into an auto-responder and sent out information on a regular basis or you can send out personalized information a few times per year to see if they are now ready to join your business.

I work very hard on keeping personal contact with my lead list. I want to be the person they come to when they are ready to join the company. If all I’ve ever said is. “Join me,” I stand a good chance of losing them to the next person who says, “Join me.” When I take a personal interest and take the time to get to know them, I am often rewarded with those wonderful words “I’d like to join you.”

The next list to work on building is a newsletter list. These are people that are interested in what you have to say. These are people interested in the topic you are writing about. On my website, I have a subscribe button for my newsletter. The newsletter is not about my business. It’s about the topic of my website. Each newsletter is signed by me, with a link to my business. It’s a very passive way to let others know about my business and to build a relationship with those who have not yet expressed an interest in my products or business. I write this newsletter once a month. It keeps my name and my business in front of people each and every month.

Is This Australia’s First Utility To Acknowledge Death By Solar?

Solar has proved to be beneficial for people in Australia and all over the world in a number of ways. You can get cheap electricity with a one-time investment which may cost you the same as the electricity bills paid by you for 6-8 months. However, you can use these panels throughout your life, most panels have a warranty of 15-20 years which is more than enough. This shows that the efficiency of panels won’t be going below 15% in these years.

But companies are trying to realize the importance of risks associated with the rise in this technology. Even though the sun at any instant provides earth with enough energy to meet the energy needs of the whole planet, there are certain cons of it as well which have been highlighted by an Australian energy company.

Let’s see what those risks are and how to cope with them according to the professionals’ advice.

Risks Associated with the Rise in Solar Power

After more than 2 million Aussies installed solar panels at their homes or offices, the demand for natural resources and the electricity generated by them has gone too low which is not only affecting the country’s economy but is also not so good for individuals who used to rely on them to earn something. Since homes and businesses are looking to get rid of generators run by gas or fuel, the people selling them are almost hand to mouth now in Australia which is surely not the best part of this scenario.

In the coming years, the use of solar power will increase by 4-5 times and many more people will fall prey to it. The reason behind all this is that the cost of generation of electricity from solar is way too low as compared to the cost of electricity generated from fuels. So, the government either needs to find a way to help the ones who are relying more on natural resources or lessen the use of solar power generation which they cannot. Let’s see which way the camel sits in the upcoming days.


Solar energy is a cleaner and better source of generating power that isn’t harmful to anyone. However, other natural resources, even though they are present in greater quantities, are either not so good to be used or they may end in the next 20-25 or 50 years. There is no better alternative to them than solar which is why most people are going for this option. All in all, the federal government is trying to look into this matter closely and is in contact with different energy generation companies as well. Hopefully, everything will be resolved sooner or later.

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