Direct Sales vs. Network Marketing

A direct sales company is very similar to a network marketing company in that you are still working as an “Independent Associate” for a larger company. With direct sales however, you are not required to develop a “downline” or recruit other members. All you really have to do to make any money is sell whatever the product or service is that the company offers. It’s really no different that being one of those Avon ladies. Or selling cars. Or selling real estate.

Yes, the company will likely encourage you to recruit other associates and there are two reasons for this. One, it provides the comapny with more sales people, giving them greater exposure and making more money. Two, they will pay you better if you recruit other associates and YOU will make more money.

Once again, like network marketing, there is a system already in place for you to duplicate. This is why direct sales organizations and network marketing companies are so appealing. You don’t have to do any of the trial and error stuff to get your business going. It’s already been done for you. All you have to do is follow the system in place and you are on your way to making money.

A legitimate direct sales organization will tell you up front that you might not even make any money whatsoever. Should that put you off? No. It shows integrity in their business. They understand that some people will not follow the system, try to change the system, or simply quit the system. They also understand that some people will make money faster than others because some people will have a shorter learning curve than others.

There are numerous other reasons direct sales is more appealing than direct marekting, but we’ll get into that in more deatil later. But there are numerous other similarities and understanding them will assist you in figuring out which is better for you. Or if you should look for another opportunity altogether.

Direct Response Radio Advertising Must Target Hispanic Radio Market

With more and more direct response advertising aimed at the Hispanic market, this poses two questions to the advertising professional. Number one, “Is the appeal more effective if made in Spanish?” The answer according to research is a resounding “yes.” According to the Strategy Research Corporation, 96% of Hispanics prefer to receive their information in their first language. Secondly, advertisers need to consider the most effective medium to reach this market. Radio according to the same study is the clear answer. The SRC found that the Hispanic consumer is also a big radio consumer as 92% of Hispanics listen to the radio every day and 9 out of 10 Hispanics listen to Spanish language radio.

The Christian population among Hispanics is especially influential and is a viable advertising target for many consumer driven products. This has certainly been seen in the 2008 Presidential election with both candidates appealing to this growing minority. Prior to the election, Yuri Mantilla, director for International Governmental Relations for Focus on the Family called 2008 as the “Year of the Hispanic”. Said Mantilla, “We are the nation’s largest minority and we are poised to make a difference in some of the tightest races because of our concern for family, for life, and for faith. Hispanics are not a monolithic bloc, but a thriving family community, and our values are the values on which this nation was founded.” As more and more advertising dollars are available to Spanish speaking radio stations, we recommend that direct marketers work closely with copywriters at employed at radio stations. It is their job to make the ad message relevant to the Hispanic consumer. As in all languages, it is not enough to simply translate existing English copy into Spanish, rather it must appeal in Spanish with all Hispanic idioms in place. The best way to lose ground with a Hispanic consumer is to assume our English meaning applies.

Avoid Some of the Common Network Marketing Mistakes

After being involved in network marketing for over 25 years I continually see some of the same mistakes being made over and over again.

Create a Plan

You absolutely must have a plan. This plan does not need to be elaborate. This plan does not have to have all of the answers. What this plan does need is some basic information about what your goals are and how you’ll achieve them.

All too often I see someone so excited to begin their business and then get so discouraged when sales don’t pour in. Sales are not pouring in because there is no marketing plan. There is no one right way to create sales, but without a plan most end up floundering until they quit.

Create a Budget

This is another common mistake I see people make. There are always start up fees to begin a network marketing business but often people don’t think beyond that start up fee. There is disappointment when a month later they discover there is more money to be spent.

Create a budget that takes into account catalogs, a website, samples, demonstration products and marketing.

Like your plan above, your budget does not need to be elaborate but you need to know what you can expect to spend your first year in business as you get your business off the ground.

Create a Schedule

Most of us wear several hats in any one given day. We are mom or dad, son or daughter and either husband or wife along with network marketing distributor. Have you ever wondered how it is that those who seem the busiest also seem to be able to add just one more thing to their plate? Often it’s scheduling.

If you work 8 hours per day and you sleep 7 hours per day, you still have 9 hours in the day left for all other activities. A lot can be done in 9 hours.

Create a schedule of what your days and weeks will look like.