MLM Vs Top Tier Direct Sales Marketing

MLM businesses are a dime a dozen in today’s highly competitive world. Many MLM business owners are struggling to find new reps to sign up for a number of reasons. On the other hand are top tier direct sales marketing businesses, where a onetime payment is made rather than long term residual incomes. Which is the better option? For many who are facing the struggles of the MLM market, top tier direct sales are a better option.

MLM Difficulties

In MLM, business owners must get signs ups under them, who will also get signs ups, and so on. This type of business scheme does work, but with the increasing awareness that people have, and the ability they have to gather any information they need and want, it has been hard to get those sign ups. In addition, many are faced with rising costs for advertising, the inexpensive email marketing campaigns are not effective, and people sign up and leave quickly. The MLM industry is not as appealing to the white collar business professional.

Top Tier Difference

With top tier direct sales, it is far easier to get a year’s worth of residuals in one day. Rather than having to watch sign ups and distributors come and go, and earn only small checks for the small amount of time they stayed out, many have found a different mode of making money. Top tier direct sales are called this because of the higher caliber of people that this model attractions over traditional MLM opportunities. Under this program, a product or service is rated at a higher level and the payout to the business owner is much more substantial. There are no residual incomes here, but the sizable payment received as commission for the sale is much higher than what most MLM business owners receive from a year’s worth of residuals.

Making Top Tier Direct Sales Marketing Work

One of the best ways to put top tier direct sales marketing to work is to use attraction marketing, the method of creating a brand for yourself that draws people to you and therefore leads to their investment in your business. There are many methods to creating attraction marketing, all of which are highly affordable, rather easy to use and highly successful.

This includes:

o Producing videos
o Article writing techniques
o Using blogging services
o Attracting leads through brand recognition
o Social networking

By creating a web presence for yourself, you allow for more people interested in your business to find you, to learn about you and to trust in you. Personal branding is all about developing the recognition of those around you. In top tier direct sales marketing, this can help you to reach that top tier of business professionals who are most likely to respond to you and most likely to invest in your business.

Attraction marketing can be highly effective with top tier direct sales marketing. For those still considering MLM businesses, keep in mind that you can use attraction marketing here, but because of the fast turnaround in the industry, you may have to spend a lot more time re-branding yourself.

Network Marketing – Being Unique Instead of Competing

Today more than ever before there is quite a bit of competition in network marketing. According to the latest figures from the Direct Sales Association, there are over 15 million people involved in network marketing. That’s a lot of competition.

What I find amazing is that day after day I continue to find people who have never made a purchase from a network marketing consultant. So, maybe the competition is not as stiff as you thought it was?

My suggestion is to stop competing and instead become unique. I’ll share a story. Last week a woman emailed me. She wanted information. She told me right up front she was talking to someone else also. This other person lived locally. While I sent a few emails back and forth with her, I knew I could not compete. The new recruit wanted to work with someone local. I could’ve tried to convince her otherwise, but why? Instead I invested my time being unique and doing what I do best, which is sharing my words with others. Wouldn’t you know it, along came an email from someone who liked my words and was interested in joining. That’s where I invested my time.

Very often I see classified ads that are just one ad after the other. There is nothing special or unique about these ads. Every person is competing with every other person there. Try something different. Try being the unique person. Instead of the same headlines as everyone else, try a headline that offers a free eBook or free report. You can easily find these online. Sometimes these reports or ebooks will cost you $5 or so. Just think, for a $5 investment you can start saying “contact me for a free ebook.” You are no longer competing with every other ad out there as I almost never see offers for free reports or free ebooks.

How to Find the Best Self Directed IRA Custodian and Investments

Are you searching for the best self directed IRA investments to take advantage of? Are you looking for a self directed IRA custodian to hold your IRA contributions? Since there are so many different self directed IRA investments and custodians to choose from, it can be difficult finding one that will meet your specific needs. This article will explain which self directed IRA custodian is best for you, and what self directed IRA investments are best to take part in.

First, let’s go over self directed IRA investments. You’re probably familiar with the popular kinds of securities most people ultimately invest it- stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. If you take part in an employer’s 401k plan, or if you opened an IRA at a bank or brokerage firm, these are the investments your money is most likely going towards. Some people may invest in other things, but a large majority of people invest in these kinds of assets.

Then, there is a much smaller group of investors, which accounts for less than 4% of all IRA investors. This group of people choose to hold self directed IRA investments, refusing to let their employer or a financial institution control what their funds are being invested in. These people are not only in complete control of their IRA, but they also have a much wider range of investments to choose from.

So what are the best self directed IRA investments to go with? Currently, there’s been a lot of talk about investing in real estate using a self directed IRA. And in my opinion, real estate currently acts as the best self directed IRA investments to go with. And I’ll tell you why…

Right now, the housing market is FLOODED with foreclosed property. The banks and lending companies want to get back whatever they can for the mortgages that defaulted. And as a result, some real estate properties are being sold at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. Then, you can sell them to qualified buyers or rent them out and make rental income. If you can locate these hot deals, then get ready to make some serious tax-free returns on your investment.

Alright, onto finding an appropriate self directed IRA custodian. There are a few kinds of self directed IRA custodians. The most popular kind are custodians that will hold your funds and make sure all the necessary paperwork and reports are filed on time and the right way. However, this type of self directed IRA custodian cannot legally give you investment advice. So I encourage you to go with this kind of custodian only if you know what you’re doing.

Then there’s another kind of self directed IRA custodian. Technically, they are not really custodians; they’re really companies that specialize in certain kinds of self directed IRA investments (like real estate). They actually point you in the right direction to a custodian that will fit your investment needs- one like I described above. But, you’re able to get a lot more advice and guidance out of a company like this.

For example, with real estate, I communicate with a company that has a program that specializes in real estate IRA investing. They not only direct you towards an appropriate custodian, but they also find the best real estate deals for you to invest in. They’ll even make all the necessary repairs to the property and find you a qualified buyer to take the property off your hands. So if you don’t know much about IRA real estate investing, then this option is made available specifically for you- in light of the recent housing bubble burst.

The program that I am referring to here involves much more than just self directed IRA investments in real estate though. Not only does it benefit investors, but it also benefits working-class families and urban communities that have been neglected in the past.