Direct Response Radio Advertising Must Target Hispanic Radio Market

With more and more direct response advertising aimed at the Hispanic market, this poses two questions to the advertising professional. Number one, “Is the appeal more effective if made in Spanish?” The answer according to research is a resounding “yes.” According to the Strategy Research Corporation, 96% of Hispanics prefer to receive their information in their first language. Secondly, advertisers need to consider the most effective medium to reach this market. Radio according to the same study is the clear answer. The SRC found that the Hispanic consumer is also a big radio consumer as 92% of Hispanics listen to the radio every day and 9 out of 10 Hispanics listen to Spanish language radio.

The Christian population among Hispanics is especially influential and is a viable advertising target for many consumer driven products. This has certainly been seen in the 2008 Presidential election with both candidates appealing to this growing minority. Prior to the election, Yuri Mantilla, director for International Governmental Relations for Focus on the Family called 2008 as the “Year of the Hispanic”. Said Mantilla, “We are the nation’s largest minority and we are poised to make a difference in some of the tightest races because of our concern for family, for life, and for faith. Hispanics are not a monolithic bloc, but a thriving family community, and our values are the values on which this nation was founded.” As more and more advertising dollars are available to Spanish speaking radio stations, we recommend that direct marketers work closely with copywriters at employed at radio stations. It is their job to make the ad message relevant to the Hispanic consumer. As in all languages, it is not enough to simply translate existing English copy into Spanish, rather it must appeal in Spanish with all Hispanic idioms in place. The best way to lose ground with a Hispanic consumer is to assume our English meaning applies.

Comparing Email Marketing to Print Marketing

Just in case you don’t read comments on this page, I wanted to point out a very important conversation going on about the future of email marketing – and comparing it to print direct mail.

At a recent post I made – I started a conversation about the end of free email.

Someone agreed and made an interesting observation:

“While I have no problem doing (print) mail outs, with the rising cost of postage and materials plus the clutter, the US mail has never looked worse. Email will still likely be cheaper… I just don’t like the idea of having another channel that is pressuring the ROI based on the whims of the gatekeepers. RSS looks like a nice alternative based on price AND control.”

A very interesting point that many people assume is correct- email marketing is cheaper. The problem is that, in many cases, it is a very dangerous (and wrong) assumption.

I definitely agree with the above point that email will always be cheaper than direct (print) mail. But, it depends on how you look at it – I see email as being much more expensive than direct mail in many cases.

How could email cost more than a physical stamp?


Both my own results and those of many other marketers who I know that test both email and print marketing.

For example:

Let’s say you have a list of 1,000 people to market to – and lets also assume you have both email contacts and offline info as well.

To email those 1,000 people will cost you nothing right now (well – the cost of the email service you use)

The average open rate is 20% (some lower some higher – for the purpose of this let’s say that is accurate)

Let’s say the item you sell is worth $100 and you sell 1% of those who open it.

200 people opened it and you made 2 sales (1%) for total sales (and profit) of $200

Now, send those same 1,000 the exact same sale letter in print for a total cost of approx $600 (stamps, paper, printing, stuffing)

Even if we stay at the 1% conversion (in print it is typically higher) you still make MORE money…

1,000 people x 1% conversion = 10 sales x $100 = $1,000

Your profit is $400 ($1,000 minus the mailing costs)

DOUBLE the profits from the same list.

And that doesn’t factor in that every new paying client is now twice as likely to buy again. So the email list got 2 new paying customers – the offline campaign got 10 – 5 times as many clients who are now twice as likely to buy again.

So, up front, email does look like it’s cheaper – but in the end it costs you more in lost sales – and in lost paying clients.

Simplified explanations but ask those who do both on and offline marketing to see if they have similar results… I’d be willing to bet they do.

Great topic though!

The reason this is very important to any, and every, business that does effective marketing – is that you have to look at results – not perceptions.
There is a big difference – up front, it looks like email is free and direct mail costs you a fortune. When you look at bottom line results (key word: results) – many times direct mail ends up making substantially more money. So the “savings” you make by sending email only actually is taking raw profits out of your pockets.

The facts:

1) Most people who do both on and offline marketing to the same list see substantially higher returns from their offline efforts

2) Direct mail investments are going up

3) Direct mail is working as good – many cases better – than ever. Why? Because most people fall for this belief that email is cheaper. It may cost next to nothing up front – but it is costing you pure cash every time you ignore the facts.

My thoughts on the best marketing? Both on and offline mixed. Offline is still preferred by people – they like to hold paper in hand. Proof? E-books vs. print – print is still the preferred choice. E-books have a place – but the best way to sell a book is both e-book and print book. So print mail gives you better conversions and sales – but email gives you the flexibility to build a stronger relationship with your client at a very low price.

Do both online AND offline marketing to see the biggest “bang for your buck”.

The results tell the true tale.

Using Lumpy Mail Marketing to Get Your Small Business Noticed

Are you using direct mail marketing in your business? Postcards or sales letters are the most common ways most small businesses use direct mail to market their business. Whether you are using direct mail currently or not, you might want to look at using Lumpy mail otherwise called dimensional mail to step up your marketing efforts to stand out from the crowd and get you mail opened by your prospects.

Any more, people get so much junk mail on a daily basis that both consumers and businesses open their mail over the trash can and toss the stuff that they don’t think is relevant or wanted by them. You don’t want to waste you hard earned marketing dollars by not even getting your mail opened.

Lumpy mail is a great way to help you get your mail noticed and opened right away. People can’t resist opening a package or envelope that has something thick and mysterious inside. It’s just like Christmas or a Birthday present. The most exciting part is the anticipation of trying to figure out what’s inside!

If you want to guarantee that your marketing mailer gets opened and makes an impart on your prospect, you need to be creative and use Lumpy Mail to get their attention.

So let’s talk a bit about what exactly Lumpy Mail is. Lumpy Mail is a package or envelope that has an additional object that makes the package, well exactly like the name implies, lumpy. It isn’t plain and boring like 95% of all the other mail that people see on a daily basis. Just by the lone fact that there is something Lumpy in an envelope will increase the chances of it being opened up by the recipient.

Here’s a couple of ideas of what you could do with your own business to use Lumpy Mail to get more attention and almost guarantee that your mailer gets opened up right away!

Look for simple yet attention grabbing items that you can include with your package.

A 9 x 12 envelope coming in the mail with something “lumpy” in it will stick out from everything else in the stack very easily.

Try including a toy airplane if you’re in the travel industry.

How about a sample pack of band-aids for someone in the health industry? You can even use band-aids in other industries too. I’ve seen people attach band-aids to their packages with a message of “I know your pain and we can help”. This works great in the Computer Industry too!

What about the classic box of candies? Everyone loves free food and candies or chocolates work great too.

If you are promoting a special event like a seminar or conference, you could mail a nice calendar with the dates of your event already circled so they not only get the impact of your message but also have something that they can use all year.

Lumpy mail is anything that you mail directly to a prospect or client that will stand out from everything else in a stack of mail and that they will be curious about opening. As you can see from the examples above, you just need to be creative. The creativity that goes in to your mailer will make it more interesting and increase the chances that your mailer will be opened. As with any marketing idea you use in your marketing mix, be creative and stand out from the crowd. Make a lasting impression on your prospects and you’ll see a much higher return on your advertising dollar.