Things You Need to Know About Email Marketing

Electronic mail marketing or Email marketing for short is the usage of email to promote and endorse your business activities through emailing interested customers about the products or services that you selling. One of the significant characteristics to endorse a business is the marketing and advertising. Email marketing can be done through a direct promotional email to potential customers to easily convince them to purchase the goods or services that you are selling on a first time. Thus, it can be designed to help build a strong relationship with customers and promote loyalty by using coupons or freebies.

Email marketing is somehow the same with direct advertisements, catalogues and print newsletters sent to you via snail mail. It is similar when you are taking an advertisement from a newspaper or magazine. On the other, there may be some who do not want to receive mails, which they think, are unsolicited. These unsolicited emails are viewed as ‘spam’ mails. When your company is reported as sending ‘spam’ mails to people, then you could lose your access to your account and most probably your web site will be shut down. In some countries, you could be actually being considered as a criminal. That is why there is a need for you to know your potential and interested customers, and ask permission to them before sending emails. This can be easily done by just adding checkbox to your web site and let your customers checked it if they want future mailings.

Email marketing has been increasingly used as a method of communication. It is cheaper than any other forms marketing style. Thus, it allows you to directly access and communicate with your customers rather than the customers run after you. When it is done properly, it can be a successful method for you to market your business. You just need to make it straight to the point and very detailed to attract more customers to read and respond to it. Once your customers respond to it, take advantage of the information they have given to you and analyze it. Make sure that before you send the information to them, your address lists are permission based.

There are three types of email marketing: direct email, retention email and advertising in other people’s emails.

Direct emails are emails that have promotional messages that encourage the potential customers to purchase emails by visiting your web sites. These include coupon, freebies and other promotional item that may attract more customers. These promotional items are sent to the list of customers that are legally collected from another company that you are partners with.

Retention emails are emails that are sent to existing customers to retain them as customers. They take in the form of newsletters, advertisements, and other promotional items. It should be more or less entertaining since the content of the emails are sales messages.

Advertising in other people’s emails is a method of piggybacking. This works by paying others to work as your partner company to attach your advertisements in their emails and send to their subscribers. There are places that allow you to so this for free such as email newsletters.